Polyurethane Flexible Foam

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PDW 030 Flexible Foam 3/4 times rise . An excellent self skinning foam ideal for detailed work - medium hardness flexural foam (GUN FOAM) 
Cream time 30 seconds . Rise time 110 seconds. Tact time 15 minutes 
Mix Ratio by weight 3 Parts A to 1 Part of B eg 150g A to 50g of B
Can be pigmented with PU pigments
Best mixing mechanically or vigorously by hand. Mixing with a mechanical mixer gives a better and even cell structure.
Both components are atmosphere sensitive so please replace lids as soon as you have used.
Store in original containers in a dry place at 15/25 degrees centigrade
Dries to a creamy white as in picture.
Help and support given after purchase if needed.

Polyurethane Flexible Foam

PDW 030 Flexible Foam

Flexible Foam
Available in
500gr or 1kg kits

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