Condensation Cure Silicones

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PDW supply a full range of Condensation cure Silicones including, 12 shore A, 20 shore A, 22 shore A and 25 shore A. This range of production silicones are all designed for general moulding and resistant to polyester and polyurethane resins with a choice of catalysts for each purpose.
We are able to offer fast, medium and slow setting times to suit all moulding requirements and pre-coloured catalysts to aid sight blending of catalyst into silicone. This range of silicones has high tear strength and are ideal for plaster, polyester, polyurethane, wax candle makers and epoxy casters.

Condensation Cure Silicone


Condensation Cure Silicone 12A
Available in
(1-15 kilo tubs)


Condensation Cure Silicone 20A
Available in
(1-15 kilo tubs)


Condensation Cure Silicone 25A
Available in
(1-15 kilo tubs)

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